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Release: Molinaro names Lynn Krogh campaign manager, McLaughlin as pollster, O'Reilly as communications director, Rollins as fundraising chief.
NYSNYS News 6/15/2018

Release: Failla LGBTQ Commission of the New York State Courts 2018 lists LGBTQ Pride Month Events on June 12-15, June 18-19, June 27-28.
NYSNYS News 6/12/2018

Document: Bill memo, bill text of A11144 sports betting legislation introduced on June 8, 2018.
NYSNYS News 6/9/2018

Release: Senator Krueger among panelists at June 4 program in Albany on sexual harassment legislation. Event is moderated by WCNY's Susan Arbetter.
NYSNYS News 6/2/2018

Release: Nixon mass transit plan. 'The subway has become a symbol of Governor Cuomo’s disastrous austerity budgets that were balanced on the backs of millions of working New Yorkers.'
NYSNYS News 6/1/2018

NYSNYS NEWS headlines posted on Friday, May 25, 2018.
NYSNYS News 5/26/2018

CONVENTION2018: Molinaro says Cuomo should apologize for joking in speech that his brother Chris is adopted & disabled, 'found in a basket on our front door when he was 16... He has certain development issues.'
NYSNYS News 5/25/2018

Release: Working Families Party says Cuomo is making AG candidate Tish James 'jump through hoops that he would never ask a white man to do...just like when he kept white male Republican leadership in the State Senate.'
NYSNYS News 5/17/2018

Release: Bernie Sanders spinoff group 'Our Revolution' backs Nixon challenge to Cuomo.
NYSNYS News 5/14/2018

Releases: Letters, statement in Cuomo, Vance dispute over investigation of Schneiderman.
NYSNYS News 5/10/2018

Release: NYSASBO reports school district proposed average tax levy increase of 2.4 percent.
NYSNYS News 5/5/2018

Release: Senator Holyman says he has named abortion provider Meera Shah, MD as a Senate Woman of Distinction.
NYSNYS News 5/2/2018

Release: DiNapoli report on $163 billion budget2018. Plan increases funding for programs, allows more borrowing and limits transparency of state spending.
NYSNYS News 4/29/2018

Release: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) rebukes Cuomo for 'grandstanding' remarks following arrest of criminal aliens. Cuomo 'comments were inaccurate and an insult to ICE's sworn law enforcement officers.'
NYSNYS News 4/26/2018

NYSNYS NEWS headlines posted on Friday, April 20, 2018.
NYSNYS News 4/21/2018

SENATE DEMOCRATS: Alessandra Biagga says IDC's 'Klein got his hand caught in the cookie jar... they are afraid of losing their jobs.'
NYSNYS News 4/5/2018

Release: Cuomo Youtube video, WNYC transcript, statement on 'March for Our Lives' anti-gun protest.
NYSNYS News 3/25/2018

Release: Cuomo proposes $250 million for NYC Housing Authority improvements. Release, transcript, Youtube videos included. Tenants in 'NYCHA housing deserve better than what they're getting from their elected leaders.'
NYSNYS News 3/18/2018

NYSNYS NEWS DAYBOOK for Sunday, March 18, 2018.
NYSNYS News 3/18/2018

NYSNYS NEWS INSIDE THE LCA: TImes Union changes, reporters leaving, Cuomo's dog.
NYSNYS News 3/17/2018

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo takes seven questions for just 9 minutes about Percoco felony conviction. In NYC, he is not asked about many of the revelations from the trial. Transcript included of Q&A.
NYSNYS News 3/15/2018

Release: Cuomo transcript and Youtube video of remarks March 10 at Somos el Futuro dinner in Albany.
NYSNYS News 3/11/2018

Cuomo signs executive order banning state from doing business with companies accused of discrimination. He also announces bill to prohibit 'gay panic' defense in criminal cases.
NYSNYS News 2/4/2018

Release: Transcript of Cuomo Budget Director Bob Mujica on Arbetter radio show January 18. Topic is state tax changes in aftermath of federal tax law.
NYSNYS News 1/19/2018

Release: Medical Society (MSSNY) report says physicians support 688,760 jobs, 
generate $141.2 billion in economic activity.
NYSNYS News 1/10/2018

Release: Authorities Budget Office issues report critical of Development Chenango Corp.
NYSNYS News 1/6/2018

Release: Flanagan offers Senate agenda for 2018 session, 'Blueprint for a Stronger New York.'
NYSNYS News 1/3/2018

Release and video: Assembly GOP minority leader Brian Kolb (R-Canandaigua) announces candidacy for governor.
NYSNYS News 12/12/2017

Cuomo releases transcript of his telephone press conference call December 4 with CA Gov. Brown and NJ Gov.-elect Murphy. Brown compares Republicans to 'mafia thugs.'
NYSNYS News 12/5/2017

Release: Former DiNapoli aide Navnoor Kang pleads guilty to participating in a massive “pay-for-play” bribery scheme involving the NYSCRF, the nation’s third largest public pension fund.
NYSNYS News 11/10/2017

Release: Schneiderman IT deputy testifies as Congressional hearing on Equifax data hack.
NYSNYS News 10/25/2017

Release: SUNY Rockefeller Institute reports 34 counties submitted shared services plans with estimated $208 million in savings.
NYSNYS News 10/17/2017

Release: NYSAC offers guiding principles for tax reform, in light of a visit by Vice President Mike Pence to WNY. Group is concerned about loss of SALT deductibility.
NYSNYS News 10/16/2017

Release: Cuomo says 'targeted federal attacks' will cost NYS $21.1 billion annually. Transcript included of his remarks about deductibility, DSH, CHIP, Obamacare repeal and replace.
NYSNYS News 10/4/2017

New York State Register September 27, 2017/Vol. XXXIX, Issue 39.
NYSNYS News 10/1/2017

NYSASBO report details demographic changes affecting rural school districts in NYS. Report attached as PDF.
NYSNYS News 8/12/2017

NYSAC says county shared services plans deadline is August 1.
NYSNYS News 8/1/2017

NYSNYS NEWS INSIDE THE LCA: Newspaper reporters now a minority in the LCA. New reporters hired, one fired. Politico reporter goes to Law Journal.
NYSNYS News 7/28/2017

NYRA lists nearly 40 local and regional non-profit organizations that will participate in community outreach booth at Saratoga this racing season.
NYSNYS News 7/23/2017

NYSNYS NEWS WEEK IN REVIEW for July 8-14: Silver wins appeal. Cuomo corruption trials may be pushed to 2018. 'Summer of hell' sees slip in polls for Cuomo.
NYSNYS News 7/15/2017

Academy of Family Physicians offers condolences on death of Dr. Tracy Tam, killed by Bronx Lebanon Hospital gunman.
NYSNYS News 7/3/2017

Academy of Family Physicians offers condolences on death of Dr. Tracy Tam, killed by Bronx Lebanon Hospital gunman.
NYSNYS News 7/2/2017

NYSNYS NEWS: NY pols turning to use of word 'fuck' to make public political points. Gillibrand posts video of herself cursing on Twitter.
NYSNYS News 6/23/2017

Transcript of de Blasio WNYC radio program June 22 with callers asking about mayoral control fo schools, Rikers, mass transit crisis in NYC. Mayor says Cuomo controls buses, subways.
NYSNYS News 6/23/2017

Cuomo announces latest response to NYC MTA mass transit subway crisis: Statement from governor, wth reaction from Gianaris, Riders Alliance, TWU union, Partnership for NYC.
NYSNYS News 6/21/2017

State Police announce 205th graduating class of 192 new troopers from Basic School.
NYSNYS News 5/10/2017

Empire Center releases report critical of prevailing wage mandate for governments, calling it wasteful -- inflating construction costs by 13-25 percent.
NYSNYS News 4/24/2017

Sloop Clearwater holding April 19 press conference in LOB LCA room
NYSNYS News 4/18/2017

Geothermal energy conference scheduled for Albany April 19-20.
NYSNYS News 4/13/2017

Cuomo op-ed says GOP must get smart or they will be losers yet again.
NYSNYS News 3/29/2017

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo cheers failure of Obamacare repeal bill, calling deliberations a 'disgusting display.'
NYSNYS News 3/25/2017

NYSNYS NEWS DAYBOOK for Wednesday, March 22, 2017.
NYSNYS News 3/22/2017

Cuomo calls Trump budget proposal 'dangerous, reckless and contemptuous of American values.' He opposes funding for the military, calling it 'brandishing fist at the world.'
NYSNYS News 3/17/2017

Transcript of Trump Make America Great Again rally March 15 in Nashville.
NYSNYS News 3/17/2017

NCSL releases estimate of impact of military budget on states, including NY.
NYSNYS News 3/17/2017

Congressional Budget Office releases report on fiscal impact of Obamacare repeal and replace bill, aka Trumpcare.
NYSNYS News 3/14/2017

NYRA announces partnership with Hoppegarten Racecourse in Berlin, Germany.
NYSNYS News 3/2/2017

DiNapoli releases report on school finance trends.
NYSNYS News 2/28/2017

CAUCUS WEEKEND: Transcript of de Blasio at DC37 reception. 'People with power want to undermine us, they want to undermine working people, they want to undermine people of colo.r'
NYSNYS News 2/19/2017

NYSNYS NEWS: Protesters call for repeal of law allowing men to marry children in NYS.
NYSNYS News 2/15/2017

LCA radio shows for February 2: Arbetter has CICU, Immigrant Coalition, CUNY Chancellor Milliken, Manhattan Institute. Dicker has E.J. McMahon.
NYSNYS News 2/2/2017

NYSNYS NEWS: Momentive strikers go door to door in CEO's wealthy Saratoga neighborhood, drawing angry response.
NYSNYS News 1/24/2017

Federal prosecutor's office in Eastern District of NY announces former Senate Democratic leader John Sampson gets five years in federal prison on corruption convictions.
NYSNYS News 1/19/2017

NYSNYS NEWS AUDIO: Cuomo budget2017 briefing at the Governor's Mansion the night of January 17. Part 2 of 2, Q&A with invited reporters. 41 minutes.
NYSNYS News 1/18/2017

NYSNYS NEWS: Cuomo gives final SOS2017 speech at SUNY Albany, where Poly is at center of corruption scandal. He promises ethics reforms.
NYSNYS News 1/11/2017